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The Skin Nurse: Nicola O'Byrne Clinical Nurse Specialist and Dermatology Nurse Prescriber (MSC, RGN, CNS)

Skincare is my enduring passion

That passion inspires me to deliver a Gold Standard of care to my patients. My ongoing education in dermatology and cosmeceuticals, allows me to offer reliable and trustworthy treatment and product recommendations. I listen to and understand the needs of each and every one of my patients so that together, we achieve their desired outcomes.

Over the years, it has been my privilege to witness the enhanced confidence of my patients as they look and feel better. Invariably, they leave my practice refreshed and rejuvenated.

Transformation on your terms

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Mole Mapping - what to expect

At your appointment, you will be seen by our Dermatology Nurse Specialist, Nicola O’Byrne who has more than 10 years experience working in this area and is specially trained to identify and image moles showing signs of skin cancer.  Every Image is reviewed By Consultant Dermatologist Dr Bedi.

Mole Mapping is completely painless

Molemap Spot Check – 15 minutes 

During your mole mapping consultation you will highlight 1- 3 areas  of your skin/ moles that are causing you concern. A FotoFinder Dermascope will be used to inspect and record each mole / lesion, in addition to recording where they are located on your body.

Mole Mapping Skin Nurse

The mole will be assessed by 3 methods:

  • Latest artificial intelligence software
  • Visual inspection by an experienced Dermatology Nurse Specialist
  • Images review by a Consultant Dermatologist.

You will be contacted with a phone call or letter if this is your preference within 10 days.

Full Body Molemap and Skin Check – 45 minutes

You will be asked to undress to your underwear. Our Nurse Specialist will provide a comprehensive head-to-toe skin check using the FotoFinder Dermascope

Images of your whole body will be taken and stored securely allow us to compare for changes at your next appointment.  Dr Bebi will assess each image of  a concerning mole or area of concern. If  there is a need for referral for the removal of the mole you will be contacted within 10 days

Private Health Insurance
Currently no company providing Private Health Insurance will reimburse the cost of Mole Mapping. However, if you require treatment privately by a Plastic Surgeon for removal of a mole /  lesion depending on your policy this could be covered. We can arrange a referral on your behalf if required.

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