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What is Vitamin IV Therapy?

Vitamin IV Therapy, also known as Intravenous micronutrient therapy is used to infuse vitamins and fluids directly into the bloodstream. The exact vitamins and fluids given through the IV, as well as the frequency of these infusions, can vary depending on your health needs and goals.

Because the IV fluids bypass the digestive system, you can feel the effects of the nutrients faster than if you took an oral supplement.

The treatment has a variety of health benefits including reducing feelings of fatigue, boosting immunity, anti-ageing properties, reducing stress and improving sleep quality.

Wellness Boost
An infusion inspired by the “Myers Cocktail” will support immune function, hydrate, improve metal
clarity and is good for general well-being.

Featured Ingredients: Vitamin C • Magnesium • B12 • B- Complex

Body Shield
Strengthening our immune system helps to protect us from illness and infection. It is out shield to
infection n our environment. Will also help with tiredness and exhaustion and lack of sleep.

Featured Ingredients: Vitamin C • Magnesium • B12 • B- Complex • Zinc

Stress Soother
Life can be stressful for everyone, the IV stress infusion will help tense muscles administered in a relaxing environment . Sit back and let the stress flow out.

Featured Ingredients: Vitamin C • Magnesium • B12 • B- Complex

Athletic IV
Training hard , this IV can be done pre and post training to springboard your body for best performance and recovery The Athletic IV helps support all of your ligaments, tendons, and muscles that will be put to the test.

Featured Ingredients: Vitamin C • Magnesium • Arginine • B12 • B- Complex • Glutathione • Taurine

Travelling ? this can be an invitation for extra exposure of free radicals and stress on your immune system. Whether your travel is for pleasure or business. your travel plans should not include an invitation to illness. This can be built into your preflight routine.

Featured Ingredients: Vitamin C • B12 • B- Complex • Glutathione • Folic Acid • Zinc

Restoration Flush
To feel refreshed and rejuvenated , when we have had too much of a good thing, and you need a
pick me up this is the one for you . This will provide you with micronutrients, and antioxidants to flush toxins form your body. Rehydration , recovery and restoration is promoted.

Featured Ingredients: Vitamin C • B12 • B- Complex • Glutathione • Folic Acid • Zinc

Beauty & Proageing
A popular choice for people who are already feeling well and vitalised and plan to keep it that way.
It floods your body with nutraceuticals and vitamins that support healthy skin , healthy organs and healthy brain and your circulation system.

Featured Ingredients: Vitamin C • L-Arginine • Magnesium • Biotin • Folic Acid • B12 • B-Complex •Glutathione

Allergy Boost
Allergies are triggered when inflammation cascade of cytokines and free radicals is triggered.
Allergic rhinitis is a abnormal immune response when exposed to certain allergens . This IV drip
contains concentrated levels of antioxidants to neutralise this reaction

Featured Ingredients: Vitamin C • B12 • B-Complex • Glutathione • Glutamine

Pre - Surgery
Surgery of any kind is traumatic mentally and physically . It is recommended to prepare the body
before procedure sol you are at your best . IV infusion is mad up of nutrients your body needs to
help you get through the procedure.

Featured Ingredients: Vitamin C • Magnesium • B-Complex • Zinc

Post Surgery
A combination of Vitamin C amino acids to increase blood flow, and essential nutrients to support
wound healing help speed recovery. Post surgery can leave your body exhausted . Receiving post IV infusion can have a restorative benefit.

Featured Ingredients: Vitamin C • Magnesium • Biotin • Zinc • Amino Acids • B

Hair Health
All Things Hair
This is for anyone facing challenges with their hair be it hair loss, thinning damaged hair leading to breakage and general poor hair health . It can happen any time in your life. A combination of vitamins can help bring that lustre back to your hair.

Featured Ingredients: Basic hydration , B Complex + Amino Acids + Methionine 750mg + Zinc + B12 Methylcobalamin

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