Mole Mapping Technology

State of the Art Technology

Total Body Photography Mole Mapping

A Full Body mole map includes Total Body Photography. This creates a complete medical record of your skin surface and each individual mole. This baseline is referred to at your follow-up appointments to identify and changes early.

Thorough Skin Check
Our experienced Dermatology and Aesthetic Nurse Specialist will conduct a thorough examination of your skin using a handheld dermascope to assess any suspicious moles allowing her to view the intricate structures of moles and surrounding skin.

Mole Mapping

Dermoscopic (Subsurface) and Clinical Imaging

Using the specially designed FotoFinder Dermascope our Nurse Specialist will take dermoscopic images of the internal structure of your moles, these cannot be seen with the naked eye. High resolution clinical images of your moles will be recorded.

Skin Health Education
Patient skin health education is an important part of our service. During your appointment, our Nurse Specialist will show you how to examine your moles in addition to explaining  how you can protect your skin and stay sun safe throughout the year.

Diagnosis via Telemedicine
Booking an appointment with us gives you quick access to a diagnosis by Consultant Dermatologist within weeks and avoid an  unnecessary biopsy or surgery. 

Patient Portal
Our Consultant Dermatologists will prepare a comprehensive diagnostic report for you and your designated GP or specialist. The report will be available up to 10 days after your appointment. We will inform you when it’s ready.

Actually knowing what is going on below the surface of your moles is difficult to see with the naked eye alone.  FotoFinder cameras have been designed for imaging both the external and the subsurface structure of your moles

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