LED Light Therapy

This is a treatment that is used to help repair and rejuvenate skin. It encourages collagen to stimulate & rebuild, thus rejuvenating the skin. It was discovered in NASA, for quick healing of injuries the anti-ageing effect. When astronauts were in space because there is no gravity, oxygen, or sunlight skin injuries did not heal, so they invented led light to promote skin healing. They noted that a pleasant side effect was anti-ageing.

The panels of red and blue lights that are contained in encased glass are placed over the face and neck. It is not a laser. The light is up to four times brighter than the sun, it converts light energy that is found in the skin cells to promote anti-ageing and healing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does it Treat?

  • Anti-ageing
  • Rosacea improves broken capillaries
  • Acne ( kills bacteria and spots)
  • Psoriasis
  • Cellulite
  • Jet lag
  • Decreases inflammation
  • Decreases effect of environmental stress, uva damage
  • When used with other facial treatment the red light, in particular, has an anti-inflammatory effect, e.g. Post laser/ipl and Post Peel

Are there different types of Led Light Machine?

Different machines have different strengths of led light. At the Skin Nurse Clinic, we only have the very best of FDA approved machines. The power of the light depends on how effective the treatment can be to deliver higher calibre results.

How much does it cost?

A led light treatment can be booked alongside another therapy. It works well combining it with facials, IPL, medical peels, and micro-needling.

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Does it Hurt?

No, It is a non-invasive treatment delivered in a calm, quiet room overlooking the sea. You will be given protective goggles for your eyes.

How Many Sessions Do You Need?

This depends on what you are trying to treat and if it is in combination with treatment. It is not a one treatment wonder. For example, for acne 20 minutes a week for 4 weeks and the maintenance every 2 – 4 weeks.

Who Should Not Get Led Light Treatment/Contraindications?

  • Photosensitive patients
  • Photosensitive medications, e.g. Roaccutane for acne
  • Certain skin products
  • If you have a rash of unknown origin
  • A full consultation will be given before the treatment to determine if you are suitable.

If you would like to speak to someone about this or any of our other treatments, feel free to get in touch!