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Diathermy is a treatment for red veins and broken capillaries, thread veins, and spider veins.

At The Skin Nurse Clinic, we find a combination of IPL and Diathermy is the most effective method for removing red veins from the face.

Especially around the sides of the nose. It can also be practised to remove skin tags.

What areas can be treated with diathermy?
  • Face
  • Legs (sclerotherapy is the preferred treatment for leg veins)

IPL Laser for Brown Spots

IPL (brown spots or hyperpigmentation )

Hyperpigmentation is usually a condition that does not cause you any harm, however, this is always potential that it could be a skin cancer so always get it assessed by a medical professional before commencing treatment. It gives an unevenness across the skin that is hard to camouflage with make-up.

Better known as dark spots, hyperpigmentation may be apparent as melasma – brown patches on adult skin – or as sun spots due to too much exposure to the sun resulting in an excess production of melanin.

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)/Laser for Red Veins

Intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy uses a non-laser high-intensity fount of light to treat spider veins, as well as a variety of other skin problems. IPL treats spider veins by heating & destroying the walls of the blood vessel.

This makes them collapse & disappear over time. IPL is very effective on small veins that are close to the surface of the skin.

Red veins/ thread veins

These are little blood vessels that travel close to the surface of the skin & look like fine red, or somewhat purple, wiggly lines.

They’re also called ‘spider veins’ or ‘broken veins’, although the veins aren’t in broken but only slightly enlarged. The medical term for them is telangiectasia. They can be on the face or on the legs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does it work?

An excellent needle probe is used to transmit a current of electricity. This shuts down the blood vessel by heating up the blood to the point that the blood vessel wall collapses. Thus the appearance of the broken vessel is removed from the face.

How Many Treatments Do You Require?

Every case is individual 1 to 4 treatments are usually required. It is advised to keep up maintenance treatments each year. It is not often a once-off treatment but can be sufficient for mildly broken veins.

What To Expect After Diathermy?

A full complimentary consultation with our experienced Dermatology Nurse Specialist will decide which peel is the right peel for you. Our Dermatology Nurse Specialist will take into account how much downtime if any you are prepared to give this treatment and precisely what results you are looking for taking into account your past medical history.

What Is The Post Care?

  • No makeup for 12 hours.
  • No active skin treatments e.g.microdermabrasion or for at least 2 weeks after diathermy treatment.
  • No harsh based products to be used on the skin for up to 1 week after treatment.
  • Do not scratch the area.
  • Use sun protection factor 50 on your skin.

If you would like to speak to someone about this or any of our other treatments, feel free to get in touch!

Laser Imperfections Removal