Decollate Area

This is an area of the body that can make someone look older. It should be treated the same as the face.

At the skin nurse clinic we have a range of treatments that can improve the appearance of this whole area. If there are brown spots on broken red veins These can be treated with ipl or laser. A micro dermbrasion or medical peel is useful for re –surfacing the skin.

If the skin is creepy or lose a course of skin boosters(meso-therapy ) can work really well to plump out the lines. A combination of the above treatments can return this skin colour and texture to a much more youthful appearance.

A wrinkled old décolletage begins to be a problem for most women as they pass 40.

Too much sun, hardly any SPF cream on the chest – even when we were on holiday all we ever thought about was our face and neck. Perfume is also to blame as it causes skin staining as we splash it around our chests and down our cleavage. Now they tell us!

IPL is a good treatment which uses multiple laser wavelengths to reduce pigmentation, broken capillaries and wrinkles – to remove fine thread veins caused by sun damage. If there are actual lines a ha filler can be used to plump them out.

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