Consultations with The Skin Nurse

Unlock the secrets to radiant skin with our comprehensive consultation session. The Skin Nurse will conduct an in-depth analysis of your skin, carefully addressing your concerns to develop a personalised and written out treatment plan just for you.

With a keen focus on your unique skin type and issues, our expert will delve into the specifics, ensuring a thorough understanding of your needs. Alongside this, she can offer valuable women’s health advice, emphasising wellness and holistic treatments for your overall well-being.

Book your consultation with The Skin Nurse now and experience the pinnacle of skincare excellence. Transformation on your own terms! 

Aesthetic Consultation

Consultation fee is redeemable if appointment for suggested treatment is booked on the day of consultation. Appointment must take place within two weeks of consultation date.


Medical Dermatology

In-depth Skin Condition consultation is €89. The Skin Nurse will provide accurate assessments and tailored treatment plans for medical skin conditions.


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