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Acne Rosacea

Acne Rosacea and /or Rosacea - This is quite a common condition in Ireland. It has different levels from 1 to 5 . Five being the worse. A lot of people are unaware they have it . They often refer to them selves as having a "high colour"

Rosacea - means broken blood vessel , clients can have only a few small vessels broken or a lot. They can be slightly red to very red.

Their colour will look more red then someone who has not go it. Sometimes time a magnifying glass is required to see the vessels so it may look like the cheek is just red with the naked eye when in fact it has broken blood vessels.

A person may complain of a "stinging " sensation or cheeks becoming "very hot". They may get spots small pimples with this condition. Rosacea skin can be very dry and feel tight and  sensitive.

People with Rosacea may notice that there are certain triggers for example spicy foods, extreme temperatures, alcohol especially red wine and cheese.

Home care creams play a very  important roll in hydrating the skin (vitamin c). The correct cleanser, Hight SPF factor to protect the skin. Mask and Hyaluronic acid is particular good for hydrating the skin. The incorrect products can make the condition worse.

Ipl or laser will help make the red veins disappear. This can start with 3 - 4 session together and then maintenance treatment throughout the persons life .

Topically creams can be given for spots and the person may require to take some antibiotics orally which will require a visit to a GP or dermatologist.

Hydrating peel with retional (vitamin a) and lactic acid, can also improve the over all texture of the skin. Dead skin on the face can be removed gently with the correct type of peel in order for the home care products to soak into the dermis.

The skin acts as a barrier to keep things out, creams can not be absorbed through the skin if they are the wrong type of creams and if there is a layer if dead skin cells sitting on top of the skin. A peel will take off the dead cells and you need to learn what creams work for you.

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