Acne on Body

Acne can come at any time in your life, as a teenager or in adulthood. It can be distressing for people and can cause low mood. At the Skin Nurse Clinic we treat men and women. Acne can range from mild forms to more extreme kinds where spots can appear as sore cystic spots that can leave scarring on the skin. Acne can appear on face and body, and sometimes only on the body. At the Skin Nurse Clinic we strive to empower the patient to feel they have control over this skin condition.

There is research based evidence that have proven definite links between stress and acne. It is difficult to manage stress, however having in place a good relationship with your dermatology clinic and a ‘ask the expert’ service with our Skin Nurse (Nicola O’Byrne) can help decrease some of the stress.

Body acne can be characterized by blackheads, whiteheads, pus-filled spots and oily or dry skin. The acne bacterium (propionobacterium acnes) can multiply in those prone to acne. This triggers inflammation and the formation of red pus-filled spots. For the majority, it tends to resolve in the late teens or twenties but for some patients, acne can persist for many years or appear as an adult.

What acne treatment is available at The Skin Nurse Clinic?

The first step in the right direction is to book in for a consultation with our dermatology nurse. Bring along all you products you are using and we will carry out a full skin assessment using our state of the art Foto-finder skin assessment camera. If required we will refer you to our consultant dermatologist Dr. Bedi for a detailed consultation.

We will help you identify gaps in your skin care routine that will help you achieve an optimal skin care routine. We have got overwhelming feedback at the Skin Nurse Clinic that this is really helpful.

Medical grade peel – resurfacing peels are an excellent way to keep pores closed, together with a good home care regime you will see a big difference in your skin. From ‘dull and tired’ looking skin to ‘bright and fresh’.

Medical peels can be combined with a Derma pen or micro-needling therapy. This stimulates collagen induction to improve poor quality skin and scarred skin to regenerate and repair itself naturally and safely with long lasting results.

Skin boosters such as sunekos and profhilo are fantastic for improving scarring if this is an issue for you. Tiny amounts of hyaluronic acid and amino acids are inserted with a micro-needle around the scars to help improve the appearance. We use a prescription strength numbing cream, the procedure is very simply with minimal down time.

-Prescription strength topical creams can also be very useful with a guided application routine.

Improving skin quality and preventing its premature ageing are very important, which is why we offer a varied and comprehensive range of cosmeceutical skin care products to enhance our non-surgical, facial rejuvenation treatments.

If you would like to speak to us about this or anything else, feel free to get in touch!